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Nipple Confusion

Babies aren’t confused by bottle nipples.

They’re very smart!

Our human brains are wired to find the most efficient way to survive.

If a bottle makes the ability to get nutrition easier, babies will take the easy way out.

Think about how many convenience foods we buy as adults. It’s just easier, right?

Well your baby is no different.

The problem is that some babies will end up refusing the breast if they develop too much of a bottle preference.

Too fast of a flow at the bottle can also cause swallow dysfunction, reflux, and over feeding. A lot of mothers come to me saying their babies are big eaters and their breastmilk production can never catch up with baby’s demand. This is exactly the problem about over-feeding of bottle-fed babies.

Unfortunately buying a “slow flow” bottle is NOT a guarantee that the flow is actually slow.

All brands are different, and in the upcoming video on my YouTube channel, I will included a study that was done to compare the flow between bottle nipples.

There are some slow flow nipples that are just as fast as medium flow nipples of a different brand.

I believe parents need this information to help make an informed decision when it comes to feeding their babies.

Information provided by Michelle Lok, International Board of Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)


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