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People-oriented, Mother-oriented

The arrival of a baby is a joyful and hopeful experience for the family. We deeply understand that busy Hong Kong Mothers are doing their best to balance their work and family duties. We believe that every mother, from the 9-month of pregnancy until half a year after delivery, is worthy of comprehensive support and care from the people around her. We sincerely hope that mothers can easily transition from pregnancy and their confinement period without having to compromise their physical and emotional health.

A Stork for Every Mother

The TeamStork team was inspired by Western folklore The Storks. According to the story, storks will work tirelessly and overcome difficulties to send a 9-month-old newborn baby to the warm embrace of the anticipating mother and her family, while bestowing the gift of good health on the baby. TeamStork founders are professional women themselves. Like every Hong Kong mother, they feel the need to choose between career and family priorities. No matter how successful they may be in their careers, mothers also desire to be able to devote themselves the whole motherhood experience when the time comes for them to welcome a child.

Like many other career women in Hong Kong, One of the founders - Elaine started her family late.  She had an extremely packed work and personal schedule while getting ready for delivery. As part of her comprehensive preparation, she hired a confinement lady and trained a new helper.

The new challenges and pressures she encountered after giving birth eventually added to her exhaustion. To make it worse, her helper resigned on her first day back to work from maternity leave. She was caught off guard, and had no choice but to spend a lot more time, money and effort to make sure her baby was well taken care of during her working time.

The problems Elaine faced happen to many Hong Kong mothers almost every day. No matter how they manage, they are often left tending to many things before they could enjoy the fruits of their prenatal preparation and postnatal confinement plans. The TeamStork mothers really hope that by becoming a mother’s stork, they can deliver a worry-free experience to mothers-to-be. Serving as a  “stork,” they believe that more than delivering a long-awaited new family member, they are also helping bring blessings and a future of health and happiness for both mother and baby.

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A "Personal Care Assistant" is much more

than traditional confinement ladies

We value professionalism when it comes to delivering care during the mother’s confinement period.  Which is why every single member in TeamStork's “Personal Care Assistant” team is carefully selected.


Besides the 180 hour training, TeamStork’s roster of gynaecological consulting practitioners and customer service personnel.  Together, we make up a team of confident and enthusiastic  professionals adept at taking good care of new mothers’ daily needs and postpartum priorities.


We understand the potential challenges that a new mother encounters after giving birth, which is why we provide the necessary personalised support.  We assist you as you recover your daily rhythm and health, and as you fully enjoy this new chapter of your life.


We value professionalism

TeamStork’s all-new personalised prenatal and postnatal service is designed in collaboration with a modern Chinese medicine gynaecologist, registered dietitian, baby sleep consultant and fitness coach. Our team of professionals aims to assist you in facing all your prenatal and postnatal challenges with confidence.


Dr Martin Choi is a registered Chinese Medicine practitioner, MD, Chinese Gynaecology specialist, and acupuncturist. He also serves as a tutor under the Employees Retraining Board’s Post-natal Care Worker programme. As an experienced modern Chinese medicine doctor and instructor, Dr Choi uses his deep knowledge in Chinese medicinal theory and application to treat his patients.


Catherine is the first local paediatric sleep consultant in Hong Kong, who is a member of the International Association of Child Sleep Consultants and is certified by the Institute of Sensitive Sleep. In June 2019, she set up "Dolce Sleepers 嬰幼兒睡眠資訊", the very first online information hub catered for families in Hong Kong.  Following the RIE parenting philosophy, her mission is to help Hong Kong parents and children achieve quality sleep, and thus a more harmonious family environment.


Dr Heidi Ngai, Ph.D., is graduate of Food and Nutritional Sciences from the University of Hong Kong (HKU). She has over 20 years of clinical experience,  holds an Accredited Practicing Dietitian (Australia) professional qualification, and is an Accredited Dietitian by the Hong Kong Dietitians Association. As a doctor and a mom in Hong Kong, Heidi advocates for educating the next generation on healthy diet. 

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Elco Kan has been running for more than 10 years. She is a qualified IAAF CECS Level I Course Coach, Advanced Physical Trainer, Long Distance Running Coach, as well as a Bodyweight Exercise Coach. Hoping to develop kids’ sports training, she established the Ironman Family which trains kids using a mix of exercise and games.  This running contest organiser is also a columnist who loves sharing sports stories from her own and her friends’ experiences.


Michelle (IBCLC) is a mother of two, a graduate of Degree in Medical Engineering from The University of Hongkong (HKU).  She has been supporting mothers in the city through her knowledge as a International Board Certified Lactation Consultant.  She has a strong conviction that all women are able to smoothly go through their prenatal and postpartum journey through an option of to-door support from professionals.  With her love and passion, she is thrilled to work with all mothers and mom-to-be and walk with them in this special life-changing journey.

True to the "people-oriented" philosophy of Chinese medicine, TeamStork pays attention to the personal preferences of every mother, making each service plan tailored to the unique physical needs of every patient.

Dr. Martin Choy, Chinese Medicine Practitioner (Gynaecology Specialist)

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Chinese Medicine

Personal Care


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Baby Sleep




One-stop prenatal and postnatal professional support

The first "Personal Care Assistant" service designed by Hong Kong mothers for Hong Kong mothers, offering one-stop prenatal and postnatal professional support.

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