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24/7 postpartum management

An all-new professional

"Personal Care Assistant" service

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Personal Care


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Baby Sleep




TeamStork brings you a personalised postnatal support

The all-new "Personal Care Assistant" service period starts from 4 weeks*. Compared with traditional confinement, our gynecological consultant team provides even more professional and attentive care. TeamStork is a professional partner for parents, gaining an understanding of a mother’s physical condition during the prenatal period and personalising the service plan according to her health and preferences.

*service period can be tailor-made as needed


“Personal Care Assistants” service

TeamStork’s exclusive “Personal Care Assistants” are all Hong Kong mothers who underwent 180 hours of professional training. Supported by our professional Gynaecology care team, they are fully capable of understanding your postpartum needs.


Professional Chinese gynaecology specialist consultation

Our in-person consultations for new mothers are designed to evaluate your physique and body condition. Following this, our Chinese medicine practitioner will provide personalised recommendations on postnatal care, including nourishing diet and soup to support your recovery during confinement period.


Professional diet consultation

Arranged after giving birth,  this consultation allows our professional dietitian to create a plan specific to your needs, to replenish the nutrition needed for breastfeeding, while helping you manage your weight effectively. 


Baby sleep consultation

Quality sleep is vital to a baby’s physical and brain development.  Building a good sleeping habit for a newborn early on is essential to sustaining quality sleep as they grow. Our baby sleep consultant provides key pointers to new mothers, so babies and the whole family can enjoy good and healthy sleep. 


Physical training programme

Specifically developed for new mothers by our physical trainer, the physical training programme aims to relieve body tension, such as shoulder strain, back pain, sore wrist, caused by taking care of babies. Additionally, our physical trainer can provide personalised advice on a mother’s postnatal body concerns, including body-shaping and tightening of genital muscles. 

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Lactation consultation

We understand how important and how valuable it is to give your baby the best. Breast milk is the most natural gift. TeamStork Lactation Consultant possesses international recognition from IBCLC, assists mothers with direct communication via voice to voice conservation. To tailor-make breastfeeding solution, personalized to-door lactation consultancy service is available per request.  



Easily plan your confinement

Our customer service team and "Personal Care Assistants" are always available to work with you on your personalised confinement plan. We’ll help you set important schedules and make sure that you and your baby are well taken care of, from pregnancy until the postpartum period.


1. In-depth prenatal consultation to understand your needs

Our customer service team are trained to gain an in-depth understanding of your personal postnatal needs, so they can find the perfect “Personal Care Assistant” for you. Whether through easy-to-fill questionnaires or 1-1 meetings, we make it easy for you to comfortably share your postnatal needs and expectations with our team.

2. In-person prenatal Chinese medicine consultation for your tailor-made confinement

Two months before your delivery, our customer service team will contact you to plan your postnatal menu and daily schedules, all according to your preferences.  Your “Personal Care Assistant” will also accompany you to our Chinese medicine doctor for consultation, and will help manage your postnatal menu based on the doctor’s advice.  Through this organised plan, you can feel well-prepared, and await your delivery worry-free.


3. Personalised care for you and your baby

As confinement period starts, your “Personal Care Assistant” will follow your pre-designed menu and daily schedule. Besides making sure that you and your baby are well-fed and rested, your “Personal Care Assistant” will also give full support to the elder family members and domestic helpers, so that you can receive all-around care and spend more precious moments with your baby. 

4. Regular check-ins and progress reports

Our customer service team will check your postnatal condition and report on your baby’s development weekly. While you rest during your confinement period, you can contact your dedicated customer service consultant at any time for questions or feedback.


Recommendation from mothers

Listen to the mothers who chose TeamStork and learn from

their unique experiences with us

Testimonial anchor


我第一胎無請過陪月,今次第二胎好想有人好好照顧我。對於我呢個坐月新體驗,我對 TeamStork好滿意。我會比80-85分我嘅私人助理Corlia。 


照顧BB我本身已經好熟悉,餵人奶亦吾係第一次,所以好希望有個容易相處嘅人照顧我起居 飲食,可以放鬆心情親餵BB。Corlia佢斯文有禮,做事有條理,同佢一齊4個禮拜,完全無壓力。佢煮嘅一日4餐,連糖水、湯水,全部都好好味,睇得出Corlia好有心思,對「產後私人助










TeamStork 主動了解我嘅需要,為我設計嘅坐月方案我好滿意,我一定會推介比我懷孕中嘅朋友。 



We value professionalism

TeamStork’s all-new personalised prenatal and postnatal service is designed in collaboration with a modern Chinese medicine gynaecologist, registered dietitian, baby sleep consultant and fitness coach. Our team of professionals aims to assist you in facing all your prenatal and postnatal challenges with confidence. 


Dr Martin Choi is a registered Chinese Medicine practitioner, MD, Chinese Gynaecology specialist, and acupuncturist. He also serves as a tutor under the Employees Retraining Board’s Post-natal Care Worker programme. As an experienced modern Chinese medicine doctor and instructor, Dr Choi uses his deep knowledge in Chinese medicinal theory and application to treat his patients.


Catherine is the first local paediatric sleep consultant in Hong Kong, who is a member of the International Association of Child Sleep Consultants and is certified by the Institute of Sensitive Sleep. In June 2019, she set up "Dolce Sleepers 嬰幼兒睡眠資訊", the very first online information hub catered for families in Hong Kong. Following the RIE parenting philosophy, her mission is to help Hong Kong parents and children achieve quality sleep, and thus a more harmonious family environment.


Dr Heidi Ngai, Ph.D., is graduate of Food and Nutritional Sciences from the University of Hong Kong (HKU). She has over 20 years of clinical experience,  holds an Accredited Practicing Dietitian (Australia) professional qualification, and is an Accredited Dietitian by the Hong Kong Dietitians Association. As a doctor and a mom in Hong Kong, Heidi advocates for educating the next generation on healthy diet. 

Elco Nutritionist.jpg

Elco Kan has been running for more than 10 years. She is a qualified IAAF CECS Level I Course Coach, Advanced Physical Trainer, Long Distance Running Coach, as well as a Bodyweight Exercise Coach. Hoping to develop kids’ sports training, she established the Ironman Family which trains kids using a mix of exercise and games.  This running contest organiser is also a columnist who loves sharing sports stories from her own and her friends’ experiences.


Michelle (IBCLC) is a mother of two, a graduate of Degree in Medical Engineering from The University of Hongkong (HKU).  She has been supporting mothers in the city through her knowledge as a International Board Certified Lactation Consultant.  She has a strong conviction that all women are able to smoothly go through their prenatal and postpartum journey through an option of to-door support from professionals.  With her love and passion, she is thrilled to work with all mothers and mom-to-be and walk with them in this special life-changing journey.

Reliable motherly support all the way

Established by mothers, TeamStork fully understands that a mother’s emotional and physical health are as important as her baby’s healthy growth. We are all mothers, and we understand how a personalised and flexible prenatal and postnatal plan can provide mothers like you the worry-free and comprehensive support that you deserve.  With all our shared experience and sentiments, you can trust us to take care of you and your baby. 

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Professional consultation


Onboard and follow up service


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Reliable support for you and your baby 

TeamStork strives to create personalised support services before and after childbirth. Carefully designed by professional modern Chinese medicine gynaecologist, professional dietitian, baby sleep consultants and fitness coaches.



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