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Prenatal and postnatal care

For every mother's

unique needs

An all-new "Personal Care Assistant" one-stop service for prenatal and postnatal professional support, designed by Hong Kong mothers for mothers in Hong Kong.

Reliable support for you and your baby

TeamStork strives to create personalised support services before and after childbirth. Carefully designed by professional modern Chinese medicine gynaecologist, professional dietitian, baby sleep consultant and fitness coach, the " Personal Care Assistant" service will help you transition easily to the confinement period after delivery. You’ll face various challenges with confidence and ease into your new life after childbirth.

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Personal Care



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"Personal Care Assistants" vs. Traditional Confinement Ladies

TeamStork understands that while Hong Kong mothers want to devote their love and physical strength to caring for their newborn babies, they are overburdened by pressing schedules. Inevitably, they forget the joys that come with being a mother, and self-care becomes a luxury.

Created by Hong Kong mothers with a team of professionals, the "Personal Care Assistant" service has been thoughtfully designed for postpartum mothers. It extends support—from professional health care to comprehensive management of a mothers’ postpartum life—that goes beyond your traditional confinement service.

The 3 benefits of "Personal Care Assistant"

01 Personalised service from a professional team

TeamStork's exclusive "Personal Care Assistants"  are all Hong Kong mothers who have received 180 hours of professional training and understand your postpartum body and psychological needs. You’ll also receive professional care from a team of professionals including a modern Chinese medicine gynaecologist, registered dietitians, baby sleep consultants, and fitness coaches.

02 24/7 postpartum management

Fluent in Cantonese and English, our “Personal Care Assistants'' effectively communicate postpartum care tips to elders and foreign domestic helpers. By connecting well with the mother’s personal assistants and family members, we are able to extend appropriate care to mothers and their babies round-the-clock, helping maintain their physical and mental health at all times.

03 Customised plan

From confirming the services content you’ll need, to understanding your preferences, and formulating weekly procedures and menus, TeamStork’s customer service team diligently works with you on your desired postnatal plans. Even before your delivery, you can be assured to receive the postdelivery care that’s truly tailor-made for you.

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True to the "people-oriented" philosophy of Chinese medicine, TeamStork pays attention to the personal preferences of every mother, making each service plan tailored to the unique physical needs of every patient.

Dr. Martin ChoyChinese Medicine Practitioner (Gynaecology Specialist)


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