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How to select suitable breast pump?

There are so many types of breast pump in the market, let's have a look on the 3 main types of breast pump and their pros and cons. There is no best type but a suitable breast pump will definitely makes mommy's breastfeeding journey an enjoyable one!

Manual breast pump


Low cost


No power needed


One side at a time

Hands get tired easily

Electrical Breast Pump


Have single or double side

More convenient


External power/ battery operated


Bulkier with wires/ tubes attached

Wireless (wearable) Breast Pump



Light weight



Most costly

Smaller Storage capacity

Less choice of flange size

Per my experience, I highly recommend you to pick an electronic (wireless or not) and double pump. Why? Your body responds to baby sucking or pumping pressure by milk ejection reflex (MER) and both nipples have the same reflex at the same time, so don’t waste time pumping one side at a time.

Same as all other reflexes, our body will get tired to the stimulus and whether the reflex happens or not depends highly on our moods and other hormones that run orchestrally inside us. If you want to collect your milk efficiently, seize each and every MER to get the most out of your pumping session.

Talking about flange size, you can take a look at the below video to pick a correct one.

Flange size measurement guide:

Information provided by Michelle Lok, International Board of Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)


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