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Healthy snacks for pregnancy

Some pregnant women need frequent but smaller meals. If you need a small snack in between main meals, here are some ideas for nutritious and convenient snacks:

Quick and nutritious snack ideas:

  • A piece of fresh fruit, e.g. one small banana or an apple

  • 30 g of dried fruits, e.g. no added sugar raisins, apricots, prunes

  • A tablespoon of roasted nuts, e.g. walnuts, almonds, peanuts

  • A small tomato and cheese sandwich (1 slice of whole-meal bread + 1 slice of processed cheese + 2 slices of tomato)

  • A small box (about half bowl) of low sugar breakfast cereal

  • A boiled egg

  • A carton (250 ml) of low sugar calcium fortified soy milk

  • A tub of low-fat yoghurt

  • A carton (250 ml) of low fat or skimmed milk

To prevent gaining weight excessively, avoid foods and drinks containing empty calories, such as chips and crisps, French fries, soft drinks, cookies and cream cakes, instant or fast foods, etc. These foods are high in sugar or fat but lacking other nutrients.

Tips: A heaped tablespoon of nuts (15 g) provides about 90 kcal, which is the same amount of energy as from 3 pieces (20 g) of soda crackers. However, the 15 g nuts contain more vitamin E, zinc, iron.


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